Pugs And Kisses Are All We Need

Who needs nothing more than pugs and kisses in today’s world? I mean there’s a lot going on with the pandemic outbreak right now and it’s hard to see when it’s all going to end isn’t it. But there’s one thing that will always cheer me up and that’s the pugs and kisses from my adorable pugs at my home in New York. Yes that’s right, we are going through a tough time right now and I’m under no illusion that it’s been a big challenge for all involved and we must lend our support where we can.

My youngest pug is called Sam and he’s a little bit naughtier than my oldest pug Kelly. Kelly is getting a bit older now and has relaxed somewhat compared to what she used to behave like. On the other hand, Sam is racing around and having more fun than ever before. As we’ve been restricted to only taking one walk in the park per day and that can luckily be with my pugs we are taking Sam and Kelly out for a run every day. They simply love it can get that exercise that they need daily and us too! Of course.

Now when we come back from the walk we can first of all take a chill and make sure that my pugs are kept hydrated. Us too, as it’s very important to keep topping up on your water levels. It helps with the overall health of your dogs. Then it’s snack time as long as they’ve been well-behaved in the park. In terms of which snacks we like to feed Sam and Kelly - I like to feed them dog biscuits only and these biscuits are healthy and don’t contain sugar which can cause gut inflammation of course which should be avoided.

Then to show everyone in my office that we have pugs we can treat ourselves too! Yes that’s right, you should make sure to treat yourselves once per week especially if you’ve been getting your exercise in. You can do this in several ways - I personally like to buy things that make me happy like pug fashion from a pug merchandise shop online. They have lot’s of cool things to choose from such as funky pug shirt, starpugs coffee mug and pug sweatshirts too. Worth taking a look and let me know if you have any questions please. Take a look at the history of pugs here.